Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bargain Lovers Weekend

In our tiny community there is a yearly tradition that I wait eagerly for at the end of summer. Bargain Lovers Weekend. 

The weekend after Labor Day our neighboring town of Ferndale throws a city wide yard sale that is known far and wide as the capital of incredible deals with hours of treasure hunting fun. Hundreds of people come to see what they can find out on the lawn, and we decided to join the masses.

I packed in the troops and we headed out to see what little gems we could find.

I can always sell these kinds of things to the kids as an "adventure", and as long as snacks and blankies come as part of the deal, they are usually game.

We spent the morning strolling with a girlfriend of mine & found lots of cool things... for the kiddos we found a pink plastic mower as well as a little camping chair, a pony, a toy microwave, "cooking" utensils, several books, and a baby doll and some gold shoes for Baby N(of course). For mommy we found some books, clothes, a mortar & pestle  a glass domed cheese stand that will become a terrarium, and some funky vintage glasses, to name a few. 

Also, I scored this little cabinet (FOR FREE). It will become a baby kitchen. You should have seen me stuffing this thing into the front seat of my Versa "No no, it'll fit, trust me, I've done this before..."

And the best part? I spent about $16. Yup.
I <3 yard sales.

Check out these vintage beauties that I scored for 10 cents a piece. I was thinking of using them as candle holders, but I'm not completely sold on that idea yet. Anyone have any suggestions?