Saturday, March 28, 2015

In The Mean Time...

Well, it's been 2 months since the fire happened (I can hardly believe it), and while we have been full on charging ahead to get our new studio off the ground, life as usual has still been going strong. So I thought I might need to update everyone on how things are with the fam!

The biggest thing that has happened is the midst of all this was another trip to UCSF for Milo in mid February. This time when we went we got to visit the new children's hospital at Mission Bay. It is a beautiful facility... state of the art. I've never been anywhere quite like it. But me being me, I honestly enjoy the more worn in feeling of the Parnassus campus over the "new cool" of this building. That being said, I'm sure Mission bay will grow on me. It's kind of like having a new pair of shoes that need to be broken in before they feel comfortable. 

This is a panoramic of the waiting area for Peds Urology. We also met another family from Back home while we were there!

Mr. Milo (ever social) made a new friend while we were waiting. He played with baby Lena for at least half an hour :)

Mommy & Milo waiting in the exam room. 

Our visits with the doctors this time were very encouraging! Dr. Copp showed us that his ureters looked much less swollen (so much less that Aaron and I couldn't see them on the ultrasound, which was shocking in a good way). Dr. Brakeman also had fantastic news for us... Milo's kidney function was at 95%! Three months ago he only had 50% so this is nothing short of a miracle. We are so thankful that God is healing our son! <3
We will see if his numbers stay the same at our next visit (we were told that they could change as he grows), but we are very excited nonetheless. 

At the end of that week, Aaron, Milo and I attended the Fortuna Strong benefit for the businesses affected by the fire. 

It's always nice to have a reason to dress up, but of course we have to keep it real with the kid toys scattered everywhere ;)

(Photo courtesy of Nick Prete via Twitter)

The benefit was a big success and I'm really proud of our community's response to the needs of those who experienced such a great loss. Thank you everyone who made this event happen, you guys are incredible. 

Another highlight from the past month was a visit from Uncle August & Auntie Tori. It's always good to have them come up for a visit. :)

...and otherwise we are almost back to our regularly scheduled program, a.k.a. Life as we know it. 

I can't finish an update without letting everyone know that we have signed a lease on a new building for Aaron's studio. North Coast Music is relocating to the Parkside Professional Building in Fortuna. We are currently in the process of renovating the space, but our plan is to have him start teaching there in the third week of April. Exciting!!! :)

I have been documenting everything, so I promise a post showing the process when all is said & done. We will be having an open house soon for friends, family, and students as well. 

Thanks for checking in on us Souzas. That's it 'til next time!! <3