Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 4 in the hospital.

Well, my labor seems to have stalled out. 
I had lots of big contractions last night that were squeezing the baby down, but my cervix won't dilate, so he's stuck for the time being. Today I had a few half hearted contractions, but I think my body has mostly given up for now. Which leaves the medical staff here at UCSF with the conundrum of what to do with me. 

A couple things have come up via screenings during my stay here. One thing is that they have now diagnosed me as having preeclampsia due to finding protein in my urine, and the other thing is that an ultrasound this morning showed Baby Wonder's abdomen to be super swollen. The doctors said that his tummy is the size of a 40 week baby, even though he is 36 weeks today, and that it is bigger than the circumference of his head. These two things considered, they are trying to plan the safest way to deliver the baby. They decided to contact the fetal treatment center to consult more about Baby Wonder, and after we hear what they have to say, we will make some decisions. 

On the bright side... Aaron went home this morning to get our kids, and they will be coming down to see me tomorrow. I'm excited... I miss my babies!!!

Other good things include the great caregivers I have had & the awesome conversations I get to have with them. I also have on call room service for food whenever I want it, and the view is fantastic now that the fog has burned off!

I also am so grateful to God for the peace that He has given me in all of this, even in the hardest moments he is so faithful and sure to me. <3

This whole picture is baby's abdomen. The big black spot is his bladder. 

My abode for the week. 

High-tech ice pack... A newborn diaper filled with crushed ice. I had to laugh... That is totally something I would do! :)

The view on a clear day. Yesterday was totally white with fog, you couldn't see a thing. 

This is the team of doctors who are caring for me. They all come talk to me everyday. What sweet, smart people... I am so blessed. <3