Thursday, August 21, 2014

Milo's 6 Week Follow-Up

Well, we did a lot of driving this past weekend. Milo had his 6 week follow-up appointments scheduled at UCSF, so we went down on Sunday and came back on Monday.

I just need to say what an incredibly good baby he is! He slept the whole way down & only woke up 3 times to eat. The last time he woke up was right before crossing the Golden Gate. Talk about timing! We wouldn't have been able to easily pull over until we were out of the city. You should have seen Aaron pulling a Super Dad move & last minute crossing 3 lanes of rush hour traffic to get to the vista point parking lot, lol :). 

We slept pretty well in the hotel, which was good, because our appointments started at 8 am on Monday morning. 

I was happy to have all of our appointments in the same building this time around. All we had to do was hop in the elevator :). 
Our first appointment was with the kidney doctor who was tied up at the hospital, so we went up to our ultrasound appointment at Radiology instead. 

Milo was wide awake and playing with daddy in the waiting room. 

I'm glad he was having fun before the appointment because the actual ultrasound didn't make him very happy. He was a trooper though, and got through it just fine. The tech checked his kidneys and urinary system, then checked out his hips since our pediatrician at home felt "clicks" when he checked at our 2 week appointment. 

Immediately afterward we went upstairs to our Urology appointment to hear about the results from the ultrasound. 

Dr. Copp showed us a comparison of the ultrasound we just had and the last ultrasound from when he was born. Everything looks about the same, the swelling is still there, except that his ureters do look a bit less swollen, so that is good news. His abdomen is large, but not abnormally so. She said that 50% of Hydronephrosis cases in boys will resolve themselves by 1 year of age. When I asked her about surgery she said that it wouldn't likely be needed unless he has reoccurring infections. So the plan for now is to keep him on antibiotics for a year to prevent infection and then reassess things at that time. In the mean time we will be seeing her every 3 months for ultrasounds and monitoring his growth. 

After that appointment we scooted back down stairs to try and catch the kidney doctor before he went to lunch. After much oogling out the window at Karl the Fog who was busy eating the Sunset district for snack, they squeezed us in to see Dr. Brakeman. 

His news for us was that based on the last blood tests for Milo, his kidney function is about at 45%. The ultrasounds showed that they were swollen and that the outer layer of the kidneys is thin. So basically things don't look great, but they haven't gotten worse. He ordered more blood work to be done to monitor if his functioning has changed in the last few weeks. He said even though things aren't great, they are still ok because he is growing so well. 

So all that to say that Milo is doing fine. We have to keep monitoring him, but he is a strong little man, praise God. We will be going back to SF in November to check up on him again, so hopefully we will have news of improvement to share with everyone then.