Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adventures in Preeclampsia

The theme of my day today was trying to beat my boredom. I woke up feeling good, so I cleaned up, put on some nice clothes, made some tea, and requested permission to go down and get some things from the gift shop. The docs said ok (probably because they've  figured by now that they won't be mopping up after me in the elevator), so off I went on my own for the first time all week. 

I was busy browsing for some thank you cards and a journal to keep me occupied for the next few days, when all the sudden I felt like I was standing on a boat in the middle of a river. Very disorienting. I quickly paid for my things and made my way back to the elevator. Security gave me a sideways glance, but when I flashed her my wrist band, IV port & giant belly she just laughed and waved me on through. 

Once back up at home base the nurse took one look at me and told me that I needed to go lay down so she could check my vitals. My blood pressure read 145/93. Yikes!! She took 2 more readings over the next 20 minutes to show the doctors that my pressure was dropping because, as she explained, if the bottom number didn't get below 90 they would put me right back on the Mag drip. I'm just finally feeling recovered from the last round of that medication, so after my stats returned to a reasonable level, I opted to lay on my back for the majority of the afternoon. 

It's not like I would have been able to do much anyhow, my head was swimming and if I was upright more than 5 minutes I could feel the beginnings of an epic headache coming on. Preeclampsia is the pits. 

But, if I needed any other confirmation that I'm in the right place doing the right thing, there it is. The way that I am now, I wouldn't be able to care for my kiddos anyhow. I also am now 100% convinced that this is why I went into labor in the first place. The baby isn't ready, but my body sure is since it has determined that he is the cause of all it's woes. Poor Wonder Baby. *sigh*

But on a totally silly note...
It has been making my nesty mommy brain nuts to watch other people change my sheets, mop my floor and bring me food. Lol... Ridiculous, I know. So today I sorted & organized my clothes, my purse & my toiletries; then I had a fabulous idea. I would "cook" a yummy snack for myself!

I ordered a pack of peaches, a snicker doodle, and a container of vanilla ice cream for myself at lunch. I'm sure you can see where this is going. 

Later in the afternoon I hiked myself down to the pantry, nuked the snicker doodle and the peaches, drained the fruit, then dumped it and half the icecream on the cookie. Viola! Peach cobbler a la mode. 

I think I may be slowly losing my mind... ;)

So the rest of the day has been composed of listening to an audiobook, playing scrabble on my phone, and and writing in this blog. Exciting stuff. 

BTW, Fun piece of trivia... Did you know that the fog in SF actually has a name/persona?  
The fog's name is Karl The Fog, and you can visit it's Facebook page, Instagram profile, or Twitter feed Evidently besides eating San Fransisco for breakfast every day, the fog has a wry sense of humor and an unapologetic internet presence. Who knew. 

Watching "Karl"slowly fade away this morning to reveal a glorious sunshiny day. It's so clear that I can see the sail boats out on the bay, a full panaramic to the outside ocean, and the mountains way beyond out there. Makes me want to get out & play!