Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just another day in paradise.

Nothing real crazy happened today. I guess that's a good thing, right? ;)

I stayed in bed all day, ate food, read books, and talked on the phone. Nothing too glamorous here. So I think I will just give everyone a view of the accommodations and a run down of the typical things that happen every day. 

This is my room for the week. When Norah came to visit she told me " I like your other room [in Fortuna] better. Lol, I love babies with oppinions. 

Every day I order my meals and snacks from the menu. Room service brings it up and you can order whenever you are hungry. 
Most of the food is actually pretty good. You just really have to know what to get. 

Every 8 hours they hook me up to the monitor for a non stress test (NST). They do this to monitor my contractions and make sure baby's heart is doing well & not showing signs of distress. They also take my blood pressure and pulse every 4 hours to watch the preeclampsia. 

Baby has been doing great so far. Happy little guy... That is until they strap the monitor over him. 

The top line is his heart rate, the bottom one is my contractions. 

The other half of my job is to stay hydrated. I drink 3-4 of these bad boys a day. 

And that's basically my life right now. Just a whole lot of waitin' & gestatin'. 

I love you Baby Wonder... C-ya soon buddy.  <3